Paperwork For Selling Land By Owner

Selling land by owner involves a set of essential paperwork, including the deed, property disclosure statement, purchase agreement, and title report to ensure a smooth and legally binding transaction, all of these documents are handled by a title company or licensed real estate attorney.

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In this article, we will cover all the essential information you need to successfully sell your land as an owner.

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What Is The Process Of Selling Land By Owner?

Selling land by owner involves a series of steps to ensure a successful transaction, from determining the land’s value to finalizing the sale agreement with prospective buyers.

One of the crucial stages in this process is accurately valuing the land, which often involves getting a professional appraisal to determine its market worth if you’re looking for full retail. Once the value is established, the next step is finding a buyer for the land and then preparing the necessary documents for the sale, such as deed and disclosure forms. 

Determine The Value Of The Land

Valuing the land accurately is crucial in the selling process, requiring assessments from real estate attorneys, land surveys, and an understanding of the terms set for the sale.

Land surveys and Buildings Plans help to determine the exact boundaries, topography, and any encumbrances that may affect the value, if you have more land than expected your value will be higher, and if you have plans ready for the developer to build what they can on the lots it also increases the value because it is less money and time the developer would have to spend.

Getting an appraiser who specializes in land appraisals is key to determining the value, they will take into account the survey and building plans and potential use for the property along with comparables to accurately determine a fair market value.

What Paperwork Is Required for Selling Land by Owner?


The deed is a crucial document that proves ownership of the land being sold. It contains detailed information about the property, such as its boundaries, size, and legal description.

The deed is a critical document in the land-selling process, facilitating the title transfer to the buyer upon completion of the transaction, especially in cases involving cash buyers and vacant land agreements. Deed transfers should always be done at a reputable title company or real estate attorney.

Property Disclosure Statement

The property disclosure statement is used to inform buyers about any known issues or defects with the land. It is a legal requirement in many states and helps protect both parties from future disputes.

The property disclosure statement provides a comprehensive overview of the land being sold, detailing property descriptions, sale contracts, and financial transactions involved in the land sale process.

Purchase Agreement

The purchase agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the sale, including the purchase price, closing date, and any contingencies. This document is legally binding once signed by both the buyer and seller.

Example of a purchase and sales agreement

Title Report

Title reports are essential for verifying the seller’s legal right to transfer ownership of the property. They reveal any existing liens, easements, or encumbrances that could affect the sale. Ensuring all these documents are in order is vital for a successful land transaction. After you receive your title report always make sure to get a “Free and Clear Title” from the title company along with a “General Warranty Deed” and “Title Insurance” to make sure if any problems come up on the title after the purchase of the home you are covered 100% if any issues arise from past liens or title issues on the house.

Closing Statement

The closing statement summarizes the financial details of the land sale, includes signatures from involved parties, and may require verification from county clerks, sign postings, and title companies.

Example of a closing costs statement from a Private Financed transaction. If you are closing with a bank your closing costs will be higher and include things like appraisal fees and Points on the loan and other misc fees. We buy houses and cover all the fees.

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Zoning and Land Use Restrictions

Understanding and adhering to state laws regarding zoning and land use is essential when selling land, ensuring compliance with regulations, and preparing the necessary documentation for a smooth transfer.

Zoning regulations play a crucial role in determining the permissible land use for a specific area, dictating what can be built and how the land can be utilized. By complying with these regulations, sellers can avoid costly legal issues and disputes that may arise if the property is not used in accordance with the law.

Environmental Concerns

Addressing environmental concerns such as septic systems and potential contamination issues can be among the more challenging aspects of selling land, requiring expert advice from investment firms and specialized assessments.

Financing Options For Buyers

Offering financing options to buyers, such as monthly payment plans, can make purchasing a piece of land more accessible and manageable, while considerations for property taxes should also be clarified during the sales process. It is always best to work with a buyer who already has financing figured out with a bank, private money or cash.


Selling land by owner requires careful preparation and understanding of the necessary paperwork to ensure a legally binding and smooth transaction. From accurately determining the land’s value to preparing crucial documents such as the deed, property disclosure statement, purchase agreement, and title report, each step plays a vital role in safeguarding the interest of both the seller and the buyer. Additionally, considering zoning regulations, environmental assessment, and financing options can further enhance the selling process. Armed with the right information and possibly the assistance of real estate attorney, landowners can confidently navigate the complexities of selling land on their own, making the journey from listing to closing successful and rewarding.

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FAQ on Paperwork For Selling Land By Owner

Do I need a real estate attorney to sell land by owner?

While it is not required, it is recommended to seek the advice of a real estate attorney to ensure all necessary paperwork is completed correctly and all legal requirements are met.

Is there a specific purchase agreement for selling land by owner?

No, there is no specific purchase agreement for selling land by owner. However, it is important to include all necessary details such as the legal description of the land, purchase price, and any contingencies. Here is an example agreement

What is a deed and why is it important for selling land by owner?

A deed is a legal document that transfers ownership of a property from one party to another. It is important for selling land by owner because it officially transfers ownership and protects both the buyer and seller’s rights.

Do I need to disclose any information about the land when selling by owner?

Yes, it is important to disclose any known issues or defects with the land to potential buyers. Failure to disclose may result in legal consequences. It is best to be transparent and honest throughout the selling process.

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