About Us – Investors In Louisville Kentucky!

Since 2019, Louisville Cash Real Estate has been at the top of the Real Estate industry and one of the top Investors in Louisville Kentucky. We provide solutions and ease the lives of property owners. Through years of purchasing properties from local sellers, we have focused our services in creating the best sales experience through closing our properties as fast as we can for cash.

An Investor is an individual or company who purchases an item with a lump sum of money. This means they pay up front in cash, often avoiding the need for a loan or installment payments typically. Investors tend to make more attractive buyers, as they don’t rely on financing and can close on their purchase quickly and easily. For many sellers, cash buyers and investors in Louisville like Louisville Cash Real Estate can be the best option because there is less risk of the sale not going through due to financing issues.

As a family-owned business, Louisville Cash Real Estate takes into consideration all the factors in determining the best price offered to sellers as we try to create a win-win situation between the sellers and Us.

We have over 30 years of combined experience with our partners. That is one of the main reasons we are one of the top real estate companies in Louisville, KY, and one of the top real estate companies in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio as well!

Our years in the industry have helped us to become a full-service professional buyer in Louisville, Kentucky as our trained team of professionals successfully provides the support and effort needed to make the process as easy as possible for you.

By working with Louisville Cash Real Estate, you can save time, energy, and money because we do not charge any hidden commissions or fees, which are usually charged when working with traditional buyers. Our “as-is” all-cash offer for your property is exactly what you receive in cash, and we cover any closing fees incurred.

Our Benefits

  • We provide a free and fair all-cash offer within one-day.
  • We purchase properties “as-is”, regardless of condition.
  • We have no hidden commissions, fees, or holding costs.
  • We are able to close on your schedule within 14 days or less.
  • We save you time by handling everything necessary.
  • We assist our sellers in moving and with relocation.
  • We provide our services by coordinating with legal attorneys.
  • We are privately funded, requiring no other financing options.

Our Team

Jacob’s professionalism and management inclination are employed by pure passion; revising authentic succession in the organization’s endeavors. Engaging profoundly as the sole Manager, Jacob ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness within all the operational departments, in turn advocating sufficient growth.

Tammy is one of our longest employees, who loves her family, and the team and is a true passionate helper for the needy. Knowing her way around the Internet well, as a Senior Acquisitions Manager, Tammy successfully puts each of our clients quickly at ease by truly listening to every detail of their unique problems and needs.

Ryan is a person when not building rapport with his clients, who spends his time with his loved ones and traveling the world. Through his impersonal skills, Ryan connects with his clients easily establishes trust, and ensures that all our clients are satisfied as they make their best decision to sell their house without any regrets.