Model home on a periodic table highlighting the element Radon (Rn), signifying the importance of radon testing in residential properties.

How To Beat Radon Test

As a property owner, it’s important not to attempt to manipulate radon test results to avoid responsibility. Instead, effectively reduce radon levels by implementing appropriate mitigation strategies: By taking these steps, you effectively “beat” the radon test by lowering radon levels to safe standards, thereby ensuring a healthier living environment. Table Of Contents What Is … Continued
last will paper for somebody who is writing a will for when they pass to ensure their heirs get rights to the property.

Who Owns A House During Probate?

During probate, the ownership of the home remains in the deceased’s name until an executor or administrator is appointed by the probate court over the estate to manage the affairs of the estate. Once that process happens then the people inheriting the property can decide once everything is settled with the courts. Table Of Contents What … Continued

How Soon After Closing Do I Get The Keys To My House?

To obtain the keys to your new home, all necessary legal documents need to be signed for the closing, payments completed, and the deed recorded at the local county recorder’s office, all of this will happen at closing and whenever all of this is finished you will get the keys to your house after closing … Continued
A contractor fixing a roof that was not leaking but was over 20 years old so they replaced it.

Should I Replace My Roof If It’s Not Leaking?

Typically, replacing your roof isn’t necessary unless it’s leaking. However, the decision to replace the roof should also take into account the roof’s age, if the roof is older than 15-20 years you should consider replacing it since it is near the end of the roof’s lifetime otherwise, I would recommend keeping your current roof. … Continued

What Constitutes Job Abandonment By A Contractor?

Job Abandonment By Contractor Job abandonment by a contractor typically refers to a situation where the contractor fails to fulfill their obligations or duties to their current contract for an unjustified reason. The specific criteria for job abandonment can vary depending on the terms outlined in the contract between the contractor and the client or … Continued

How To Pay For A Roof With No Money?

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for paying for a roof with no money. However, you can explore various options for financing a new roof, including financing through a roofing company, government programs, home equity loans, and personal loans. One of the only other ways to replace a roof with no money is through an … Continued

Paperwork For Selling Land By Owner

Selling land by owner involves a set of essential paperwork, including the deed, property disclosure statement, purchase agreement, and title report to ensure a smooth and legally binding transaction, all of these documents are handled by a title company or licensed real estate attorney. Considering selling your land on your own? We buy land across … Continued