What Documents Do You Need To Sell Your Louisville House?

The real estate market of Louisville has sellers from various backgrounds, each eager to secure a great real estate deal. As thrilling as this process can be, the thought of selling your Louisville home and handling paperwork often feels overwhelming. Here’s your detailed guide, breaking down what documents are necessary when selling your house and which documents are a plus for your buyer.

The Mandatory Documents for Selling Your Louisville House

The real estate process in Louisville does suggest a list of conventional documents. However, there is only one piece of documentation that you normally need to bring with you to the closing table.

It may seem strange, but having a photo ID whether it’s a driver’s license or passport—validates your identity and confirms your legitimacy as the homeowner to the title company, a lot of people think that you need to bring the deed or the mortgage statement or things like this to closing but whenever the title company is starting a title search they get all of that information and get all of the payoffs for everything as well whenever they run the title search.

You will see other articles that tell you you need to bring the deed and the closing statement and the HUD but honestly our title company in Louisville gets all of that ready for you so whenever you come to the closing you just need to bring your photo ID to make the process easy for you

Whenever you run a title search with a title company they will need to verify your social security number to see if you owe anything on the property such as mortgages and liens taxes or anything along the lines of that. The other cost associated with selling your little house would be closing costs and attorney cost and then also prorated taxes if you are selling your property to an investment company then a lot of times they will pay those for you.

Extra Documents That Are Helpful To Get More Money And Save Time.

So the only required document that you need to bring to closing is a photo ID but there are several documents that if you have you can potentially get more money for your property and also make the sale of your home easier. Some helpful documents that could help the buyer whenever you are selling the property is a survey for one and then if you have a list of all the recent repairs done to the property that is always a plus for the buyer so that they know a more accurate condition of the house to be able to give you a better offer.

Whenever you start the title search on the property the title company will need an authorization form signed by you so that they can get the payoffs for everything so if you’re able to get that to the title company as soon as you get the contract over to the title company as well that can help speed up the process.

We Provide A Streamlined Home Buying Service In Kentucky.

Armed with a clearer understanding of what’s required and what’s optional, sellers can approach the market with renewed confidence.

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Knowledge is the bedrock of seamless property sales in Louisville. By acquainting oneself with the lay of the land, sellers can navigate the market proficiently. The city’s unique blend of tradition and flexibility offers a real estate experience like no other. Prepare, be informed, and dive into Louisville’s bustling real estate scene with newfound clarity and assurance.

What Documents Do You Need To Sell Your Louisville House
Speaker 1:
Are you curious on what documents you need in order to sell your Louisville house? So, a lot of people have this question, and a lot of people think you need a whole bunch of stuff, but most of the time all that you really need is a photo driver license ID for yourself. And a lot of times this is sufficient if you’re working with a title company because what they’re going to do is do the title search and make sure that the deed’s there, everything’s paid off, and all of these other things.

So that’s all you need is to bring a physical copy of your ID. Now, you will need to give them a social security number for when they’re doing the title search to be able to verify if the lien is yours or not, so then, if it’s not yours, you don’t have to pay it at closing.

So that is literally all the documents you need, is a photo ID, and if you are looking to sell your house, please give us a call at (502)-461-1450 or visit our website at louisvillecashrealestate.com for a no obligation offer on your property and also call us to see how we can get you more than any other investment company in the area for your home.

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