How To Sell Your House With Back Taxes In Louisville

If you’re a homeowner in Louisville, Kentucky with unpaid property taxes, you may be wondering how to sell your house. Fortunately, there are options available to you. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the ways you can sell your property despite having back taxes owed like selling to a company like us, Here at Louisville Cash Real Estate we buy houses with back taxes in Louisville Kentucky . So if you’re ready to learn more about how to “sell my house with back taxes” property with back taxes, read on!

What factors should I consider when selling a house while you have back taxes?

Selling a house in Louisville Kentucky can be tricky, especially if you have delinquent taxes. As a first-time home seller, you might not be aware of all that’s involved when you owe back taxes. It’s important to consider the amount of back taxes due, if they’ve already been sold off to another agency, and what kind of costs it will require to pay them in full before going through the selling process. Delinquent taxes can slow down the sale and having detailed knowledge ahead of time can help make this part of selling smoother and more efficient.

Finding out how much you owe in property taxes on your home.

Louisville Kentucky residents are required to pay property taxes on any real estate they own. To find out exactly how much you owe in property taxes you will need to contact the Louisville Revenue Commission. They will be able to provide detailed information as well as any necessary paperwork you’ll have to fill out. Whether you’re buying, selling or just want to know what your current bill is, Louisville’s Revenue Commission should be your first point of contact for all of your property tax questions.

Factoring in other debts and expenses on your property.

Sell my house with back taxes in Louisville Kentucky. We buy houses with back taxes in Louisville Kentucky !

When selling a house in Louisville Kentucky, it is important to ensure that all liens and encumbrances are taken care of before closing the deal. Besides back taxes, buyers should be made aware of any additional liens that the seller has on the property. Liens may arise from unpaid mortgages, HOA fees, legal judgments or utility bills. It’s always crucial to verify these issues and clear them up prior to finalizing a sale – allowing both Seller and Buyer to have peace of mind.

How to sell your house quickly with back taxes

Louisville Cash Real Estate is here to help Louisville, Kentucky homeowners with back taxes. We specialize in buying houses as-is and helping pay for closing costs and moving expenses so you can spend less time worrying about your taxes and more time getting ready to move. Louisville Cash Real Estate can quickly assist you to find out the amount of back taxes due and provide a fast cash sale on your house. You won’t have to involve a realtor, just call us at 502-461-1450 and our team will handle the rest from there. Louisville Cash Real Estate gives Louisville residents the convenience of not having to worry about how you will get rid of your house with that tax debt attached within a reasonable timeframe. No more sleepless nights wondering how you are going to handle it – Louisville Cash is here for you!

Sell my house with back taxes Louisville Kentucky, We buy houses with back taxes !
Speaker 1:
So, if you have a house in Louisville, Kentucky and you’re looking to sell it because you owe back taxes on that property, what you need to do, first of all, is you need to figure out how much your back taxes are. You can also give us a call, and we can always look that information up and find that out for you. If you wanted to find this out, what you would do is, you could Google Jefferson County back property taxes, and it’s going to pull up first link, there. You will call them, and you’ll just ask them over the phone, “Hey, what is my delinquent tax amount?”

You can also look on the sheriff’s website for the back taxes for the properties, but I personally prefer to call people, because then you get a more updated and accurate answer than relying on the internet or something. It’s usually pretty close, but sometimes they don’t have all the fees and everything in if you have a back taxes. So I would just always call somebody to try to find that out. Then what you’re going to want to do is find out, has the back taxes been sold to a third party company? So what that means is, if you have back taxes, somebody can pay your back taxes and then essentially put a tax lien on your property, to where they are getting 10 to 12% interest annually on their money, because they paid the government off for the taxes. So now they can put a lien on your property, and get interest on that. So whenever you sell the property, now you’re paying more than what you originally would’ve, because they bought the tax bill.

So that’s not a thing to keep in mind, because if you have that, then it might take a couple more days to get payoffs and stuff like that. It isn’t going to stop you or really slow you down too much as far as selling your house, but that is one thing to keep in mind with back taxes. So if you have a property in Louisville, Kentucky that you want to sell because it has back taxes, give us a call, 502-461-1450, or you can fill out the form at, and one of our agents will get with you within two hours to give you a cash offer. Thank you, and I hope you have a great day.
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