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A guaranteed offer is an offer that you get from a home buyer looking to buy your house that does not have any contingencies on closing and will close no matter what and can provide homeowners with peace of mind and a hassle-free selling process, these home buyers will typically be real estate investors and these offers are also called guaranteed cash offer. Fill out the form below to get your offer!

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A guaranteed offer is a solution that allows homeowners to sell their property quickly and conveniently to get a fair offer, without having to go through the traditional market of bank loans and deal with the uncertainties of potential buyers and local realtors and real estate agents. Whether a property is in poor condition or in need of major repairs, a guaranteed offer ensures that homeowners can sell their homes in any condition usually under 14 days, saving them time, money, and stress.

This is the best option and is particularly beneficial for those facing financial distress, time constraints, Divorce, moving, and many other situations but may not be one of the best solutions for selling your house if you are looking for the most money or top dollar. By seeking a guaranteed offer, homeowners can have the assurance of a sale and effectively bypass the often lengthy and uncertain sale of their home through a real estate agent or on the open market. Fill out the form below to get your guaranteed offer!

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Guaranteed Cash Offer Closing Process

Selling a home can be a complex and time-consuming process, which is why many homeowners are turning to a non-contingent offer, guaranteed offer programs, and guaranteed sale programs to make the experience easier and more efficient, this is what we like to call the easy way! The process begins with homeowners reaching out to a real estate company or agent that offers a guaranteed offer program like Louisville Cash Real Estate. We will schedule a time to meet with the homeowner and assess the property. Based on their evaluation and home repairs needing to be done, the company will make an offer on the home, typically within 24 to 48 hours. Homeowners then have the option to accept or reject the offer. If they accept, the closing process can begin immediately.

Once the offer is accepted, the company will handle all the necessary paperwork and logistics to complete the sale. This includes coordinating with the title company for the real estate transaction, We always choose a title company local to the homeowner or get mobile notaries to come out to your house to make the closing easy. One of the major advantages of a guaranteed offer program is that homeowners do not have to worry about marketing their property or finding potential buyers. The company buying the home will take care of these tasks, saving homeowners time and effort.

Fast Guaranteed Cash Offer Program.

Step 1: Initial Contact

The first step in the guaranteed home sale program is making the initial contact with Louisville Cash Real Estate. Homeowners can easily reach out to the company by filling out the form below or giving us a call at 502-461-1450, Our company and our partners have over 30 years of experience

Once the initial contact is made, homeowners can expect a prompt response from one of our agents on our team. Our team will ask you questions such as… what is the condition of the home when you want to sell, mortgage details, and your preferred price so we can craft very competitive offers for you without a home sale contingency so you know we will close quickly

During the consultation, homeowners have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have and discuss their specific needs and goals so we can determine if is your best choice not to sell to an investor or if it makes more sense to list with a local real estate agent and sell your house the traditional way. Fill out the form below to receive a no-obligation all-cash offer on your house!

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Step 2: Showings And Pictures

Once we have talked on the phone and gathered general information about the property and your situation and how we can best help you the next step of the process is to go out to the property and to get pictures of the property. Whenever we go out to the property to get pictures we go out to see what the general condition of the property is how many bedrooms and bathrooms there is the condition of any basements or crawl spaces and if there’s any water and then just a general overview of the property and the condition of the property, this helps us to understand the house to be able to give you the highest offer possible and to guarantee our cash offer as well.

We will typically send somebody out from our team a boots on the ground to go get pictures of the property and schedule that with you and sometimes we even pay the homeowners to take the photos for us to make the process quicker. After we have the photos and a list of things that need to be repaired then that is whenever we can come up with an offer to craft for you.

Step 3: Negotiate the Price and Terms

Once homeowners have completed the showings and pictures as part of Louisville Cash Real Estate’s guaranteed offer program, the next step is to negotiate the price and terms of the sale. This critical phase allows home sellers to engage in discussions with the buyer to reach a mutually agreed-upon price and terms for the transaction. We are almost able to give an instant offer once we have pictures and see the condition of the property.

Negotiating the price and terms begins with considering the fair market value of the home. When Real Estate Investors look at buying a property they typically see what the property will be worth whenever it is fully renovated to 2023 standards and then how much the repairs will cost from there they will subtract the profit that they want to make which is typically 10 to 15% of what the house will be worth whenever it is fully fixed up and that is how they usually craft an offer

In addition to the price, other terms and conditions can be negotiated. Sellers may have specific requirements, such as a desired closing date or requests regarding contingencies. Homeowners need to communicate their priorities and preferences during negotiations to ensure their needs are met.

Our Real Estate Team Making An Guaranteed Offer on a house

Once both parties have agreed on the price and terms, the next step is to sign an agreement for the final offer and proceed to close escrow.

Step 4: Sign an Agreement and Close Escrow

Once homeowners have successfully negotiated the price and terms of the sale under Mark Spain Real Estate’s guaranteed offer program, the next crucial step is to sign an agreement and close escrow. This final phase of the home-selling process solidifies the transaction and ensures a smooth transfer of ownership.

During the closing escrow process, various funds will be exchanged, including the purchase price and any applicable fees. These funds are typically held in an escrow account until all obligations are met, ensuring a secure and fair transaction for both parties involved.

The timeline for signing an agreement and closing escrow in a guaranteed offer situation is typically around 30 days but we have closed houses in 7-14 days as well. This allows ample time for necessary paperwork and financial arrangements to be made between us and private lenders. Homeowners need to stay in communication during closing because the title company will be reaching out for certain information along the way.

Advantages of a Guaranteed Offer

Selling a home can be a complex and stressful process. However, with a guaranteed offer, homeowners can enjoy several advantages that provide peace of mind and convenience. One of the main benefits of a guaranteed offer is the assurance that the sale of the property will go through, regardless of market conditions or the condition of the home. This removes any uncertainty and delays often associated with traditional sales, where potential buyers may back out or request last-minute repairs or outrageous price reductions.

A happy client who received an all cash offer on their house!

Once both parties have reached an agreement on the price and terms, the next step is to sign an agreement and proceed to close escrow. This legally binding agreement outlines the specific terms of the sale, protecting both the buyer and the seller. Closing escrow involves finalizing the paperwork, transferring ownership, and meeting all financial obligations.

Cash Offers and Quick Closings

When it comes to selling your home, cash offers and quick closings can offer a multitude of advantages. Not only do cash offers provide convenience and peace of mind, but they also expedite the overall selling process and eliminate any condition of purchase so that it is not a contingent sale.

One of the key benefits of cash offers is the hassle-free selling process they provide. Unlike traditional market methods that may involve last-minute showings, major repairs, or dealing with potential buyers who may back out, cash buyers eliminate these concerns. They are typically investors or cash buyer companies who understand the real estate industry and are ready to make an offer regardless of the home’s condition.

Furthermore, cash offers often mean avoiding the standard real estate commissions. In a traditional market, sellers have to pay a percentage of the final sale price as a commission to their real estate agent or broker. However, with cash offers, there are no commission fees involved, which can save sellers a significant amount of money if their house is not in perfect condition.

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No Need for Major Repairs or Last-Minute Showings

With a guaranteed offer, sellers do not need to worry about major repairs or last-minute showings, providing significant benefits and alleviating stress and inconvenience. Selling a home can often involve costly and time-consuming repairs to attract potential buyers. However, with a guaranteed offer, sellers can forgo these repairs as cash buyers typically purchase properties as-is. This not only saves sellers money but also eliminates the hassle of coordinating repairs and dealing with contractors and causing delays in the selling process.

Additionally, last-minute showings can be a source of stress and inconvenience for sellers. Traditional market methods often require accommodating potential buyers at short notice, disrupting daily routines and causing inconvenience. However, with a guaranteed offer, sellers can avoid these last-minute showings altogether. Cash buyers are typically investors or cash buyer companies who are ready to make an offer regardless of the home’s condition. This provides sellers with the peace of mind that they can sell their homes without the unpredictable and disruptive nature of last-minute showings.

Convenience for People Selling Their Homes

When it comes to selling a home, convenience is key for a lot of people. That’s where guaranteed offers come in, providing sellers with a hassle-free and streamlined process that offers numerous advantages.

One of the biggest conveniences of guaranteed offers is the ability to avoid showings with a million people and open houses. Traditional market methods often require sellers to constantly accommodate potential buyers, leading to last-minute showings that disrupt daily routines and cause stress. However, with a guaranteed offer, sellers can skip this entire process altogether. We will only visit the property 2-3 times to have 1-2 of our contractors and 2-3 of our private money investors in to the house and we have even done it before where we only went to the property 1 time!

Office Meeting on how we can provide more value wit our guaranteed sale program

Not only does this minimize stress, but it also provides sellers with more control over the selling process. By receiving a guaranteed offer, sellers have the option to accept or decline, giving them the power to make decisions on their terms and plan for their near future.

Peace of Mind for Home Sellers

In the uncertain real estate market, home sellers often face the constant worry of their property sitting on the market for an extended period and their realtor not getting anybody to the property. However, a guaranteed offer provides peace of mind by eliminating this uncertainty.

With a guaranteed offer, home sellers can rest easy knowing that they have a reliable buyer lined up, regardless of market conditions. This assurance allows them to plan their next steps confidently without hesitation. Whether they need to relocate, downsize, or simply move on to a new chapter in their lives, a guaranteed offer provides the peace of mind they need.

Additionally, the program removes the stress of showings and open houses. Instead of constantly accommodating potential buyers and enduring last-minute showings that disrupt daily routines, sellers can bypass this entire process. This not only saves time and effort but also minimizes the stress associated with traditional market methods.

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Disadvantages of a Guaranteed Offer

Potentially Lower Prices Than Traditional Market Value

One potential drawback of accepting a guaranteed offer for a property is the possibility of lower prices compared to the traditional market value. Guaranteed offers are often made by cash buyers or companies that aim to provide convenience to sellers by offering a quick and hassle-free sale process. However, these buyers typically take factors into account that may contribute to lower prices for the property than if you did a traditional home sale.

Factors such as the property’s condition, the need for major repairs, the Current Interest Rate for the investor, the property being an old home, or financial distress may lead to a lower offer. Sellers should carefully evaluate if accepting a guaranteed offer is the right decision for them or if they should go with a traditional sale.

To make an informed decision, sellers should consider the fair market value of their property, compare it to the guaranteed offer, and weigh the benefits of a quick sale against the potential price difference.

For example, if a seller is in urgent need of selling their property due to financial distress, accepting a guaranteed offer may outweigh the potential lower price. On the other hand, if the property is in good condition and the seller is not in immediate need of selling, they may find it more beneficial to list the property on the traditional market to potentially secure a higher price.

Online Reviews May Be Mixed or Unreliable

Online reviews play a crucial role in guiding consumers’ decisions in various industries, including real estate. However, when evaluating guaranteed offer companies, reliance on online reviews may prove to be a mixed or unreliable source of information.

The credibility and experience of reviewers can greatly vary, leading to conflicting opinions. Some reviewers may have had positive experiences with a guaranteed offer company, praising their convenience and quick sale process. On the other hand, some may have had negative experiences, feeling that the offer they received was lower than expected or disputing the terms of the agreement.

Furthermore, online reviews can be easily manipulated or biased. Competitors or disgruntled individuals may leave negative reviews to harm the company’s reputation, while the company itself may employ tactics to boost its positive reviews. This manipulation can make it challenging for sellers to decipher which reviews to trust. Our role of thumb is that company you deal with should have at least 20 to 30 reviews to show that they have done multiple transactions and then they should at least have a 4.5 at the very minimum for their star ratings on Google to make sure this is a reliable company. At Louisville cash real estate we have over 100 5-Star Google Reviews.

I was looking for a company such as Louisville Cash Real Estate to help with my property. Working with their team was great. They was very helpful, honest, fair, and trustworthy. I would recommend them to any of my friends or family that needed help with a property.

– Roger Koofer
Cash Money For Your House on a quick 100% guaranteed cash offer

To make an informed decision, sellers should not solely rely on online reviews but instead engage in thorough research, seek recommendations from trusted sources, and even consider reaching out to previous clients of the company to gain a clearer understanding of their experience. Ultimately, the decision to accept a guaranteed offer should be based on a comprehensive evaluation of the offer itself, the seller’s unique circumstances, and their long-term goals.


While there are potential disadvantages, such as lower offers or disputable terms, the overall benefits of a guaranteed offer should not be dismissed. It offers sellers a quicker and more convenient alternative, allowing them to sell their home for cash without the stress and uncertainty of the traditional market. Therefore, if convenience and peace of mind are a priority, considering a guaranteed offer may be the right choice when selling a home.


1. What types of homes qualify for the Guaranteed Offer program?

At Louisville Cash Real Estate we buy all homes! Whether it is traditional homes in old historic districts or brand-new construction we will buy your house.

2. What is the average rating for Louisville Cash Real Estate reviews?

Louisville Cash Real Estate has received generally positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 100 reviews.

3. Are the offers provided through the Guaranteed Offer program fair market value?

Louisville Cash Real Estate strives to provide fair offers to our clients, we determine these offers based on how much the house is worth minus repairs and closing costs and the profit we make on the property as a company to keep serving our clients which is usually around 10% of the value of your home. We give more per property on average than any other real estate investment company in our area!

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