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We are a local and family owned real estate company based out of Louisville Kentucky and we buy houses in Bardstown and operate and do business in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Our #1 goal is to make selling your house fast and easy. We want to help make the process as smooth and simple for you as possible. Our team of real estate professionals have a combined 35 years experience in the real estate industry, so no matter what your situation is we are well equipped to handle it and get you top dollar for your property. Fill out the form below to sell your house fast today!

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We Buy Houses in Bardstown Kentucky !

If you are looking to sell your house fast in Bardstown KY or the surrounding area, Louisville Cash Real Estate has got you covered! We buy houses directly from homeowners and take great pride in providing quality real estate services and honoring our commitment of offering each homeowner a fair price for their home. With years of experience dealing with properties like yours, we understand how many memories – both good and bad – can be connected to selling one’s home; that is why we are committed to making this process as stress-free and straightforward as possible for you. We can even provide cash offers in as little as 24 hours – so don’t delay, contact us today and find out what your home is worth!

When selling a property it is important you choose a reputable company that you can trust. Just like every industry for real estate, there is a wide range of companies out there and it can be hard to choose which one is best for you, we have been in the business for many years and our team of experienced professionals make sure you sell your house fast and it goes smoothly from start to finish. We know that selling a property is a big decision, so we make it our mission to take the stress and worry away from you. Our team will guide you every step of the way, helping you make sound decisions by providing honest advice and communication with all parties involved in the transaction. We are here to provide an efficient and reliable service tailored to you ! In the video below we go over the benefits of working with us !

We Buy Houses Bardstown Kentucky - sell your Bardstown house today !
This is a video of us overviewing the benefits our company provides when buying houses .

We Buy Houses For Cash In Bardstown Kentucky

Sell My House For Cash Bardstown Kentucky

Need To Sell Your House Fast In Bardstown? Our Home Buying Process Is Simple. No Real Estate Agents. No Fees. No Waiting. We Even Cover Closing Costs!

Sell your house to a local real estate company!

Louisville Cash Real Estate is committed to enriching the Bardstown real estate market, providing quality homes for families while also helping homeowners get out of difficult financial situations. With our fast home buying process and excellent customer service, we make it easy and stress-free to sell your house fast and find the right home for your family and you to move into. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property in Bardstown, we buy houses and we are here to help. Give us a call today and let’s get started!

Our real estate company will provide you with the best possible deal on your home, and our impressive 100+ 5-star Google reviews are guaranteed proof of that. We understand the complexities of selling a home and will work hard to make sure you get as much as possible for your house. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly

We want you to feel that you’ve been treated fairly, honestly, and respectfully. We will accomplish all of this while also purchasing your home as-is, so you won’t have to pay for repairs, engage a cleaning service, or deal with any intermediaries like bankers or real estate agents. Simply tell us about your property and we’ll give you cash for it.

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#1 House buyers in Bardstown Kentucky

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We Pay Cash For Houses In Bardstown Kentucky

Louisville Cash Real Estate is one of the top cash buyers in Bardstown Kentucky and we always pay cash for houses and believe in providing you with the best cash offer for your property that suits your expectations. Our services extend towards ensuring that your property is sold hassle-free and helping you to move to a property that fits your budget. When we buy houses we have our customers in mind, and we are committed to providing you with an offer that is fair and honest.

We Buy Houses As-is In Bardstown Kentucky

When you sell your house to Louisville Cash Real Estate we will pay all of your moving expenses and have a local moving company come in and help you move all of your stuff to your new house! As investors in Bardstown we never will ask you to do repairs to your house! When we say we buy houses as-is we mean it !

Why Sell to Us

Sell in as-is Condition

No matter the condition or repairs needed, we buy houses as-is.

Professional Service

Our excellent team ensures a reliable and fast communication.

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Close the deal whenever you are ready to sell. You choose.

Fast, Fair and Accurate Cash Offers

Our excellent team ensures a reliable and fast communication when we buy houses!

Easy Process and Less Workload

Take what you want and leave the rest to us. Move hassle-free.

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Foreclosure help Bardstown Kentucky

Facing foreclosure? Louisville Cash Real Estate is here to help Bardstown, Kentucky homeowners! We provide a fast and easy solution that enables our clients to sell their foreclosed house without the property going up for auction or appearing on their credit report. Our experienced attorneys know all about real estate law – giving you peace of mind as well helping make sure your home stays yours. Plus, we cover fees & commissions when we buy houses so more money can stay in your pocket. Let us take away the stress of facing foreclosure- get started with Louisville Cash Real Estate today!

Stop foreclosures Bardstown Kentucky

Foreclosure can be a frightening experience for a homeowner in Bardstown, Kentucky. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken before the Foreclosure process is finished which may help them stay in their home longer and delay Foreclosure. The first step is to find Foreclosure help from a local organization or law office that specializes in Foreclosures and Foreclosure assistance. A professional will be able to provide guidance on how to handle Foreclosures so they don’t lose their home. Other possible options include refinancing, loan modification, and repayment plans with the lender or pursuing bankruptcy proceedings if the situation warrants it. Finally, the homeowner could consider selling their house quickly to an investment company like Louisville Cash Real Estate, we buy houses going through foreclosure all the time as-is and can close fast regardless of what they owe on the house compared to its value. With so many available ways of stopping Foreclosures or delaying them, homeowners in Bardstown, Kentucky have access to interesting options which may help get them back on track financially.

Our Testimonials

Always responsive, always professional, always timely with payment. Definitely one of my favorite connections.

– Katelynn Walker

If you are looking to sell your home fast with no hassle Louisville Cash Real Estate is the way to go! 10/10 would recommend.

– Ben Bass

Delivered on what they promised. Fast and easy closing on our property. Very fair offer.

– Craig Harris

Always responsive, always professional, always timely with payment. Definitely one of my favorite connections.

-Katelynn Walker

If you are looking to sell your home fast with no hassle Louisville Cash Real Estate is the way to go! 10/10 would recommend.

-Ben Bass

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Sell my probate house Bardstown Kentucky

Selling a house through probate in Bardstown, Kentucky can be tricky. Unfortunately, if the homeowner has passed away without leaving behind instructions on how to proceed with selling my probate house in Bardstown Kentucky it can become complicated as courts determine who holds legal rights – leading to long and drawn-out processes that require time and money investments. If you’re looking for relief from such stressors during your home sale process while going through probate then Louisville Cash Real Estate is here to help! We buy houses going through probate in Bardstown Kentucky; our experienced attorneys will make sure everything runs smoothly so you save both time and money.

Sell my inherited house Bardstown Kentucky

Need to sell an inherited house in Bardstown, Kentucky? Let us take the hassle out of it for you! We specialize in purchasing homes from inheritors and making sure every step is handled swiftly and seamlessly. Our legal team will provide free advice so that probate court won’t be a roadblock along your journey – get expert help today; no repairs needed! We want to buy your inherited home and make sure you get the most value from it. Contact us today for a free quote!

Here at Louisville Cash Real Estate are here to help you sell your property as quickly and stress-free as possible in Bardstown Kentucky. Reach out to us anytime as we are ready to offer our best services to you. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Contact us now.

We buy houses in all kinds of circumstances !!!

Sell my fire damaged house Bardstown Kentucky

If you’ve been hit with the unfortunate situation of having to sell a house fast that has experienced fire damage in Bardstown Kentucky – Louisville Cash Real Estate is here for you! Our knowledgeable staff will be by your side through every step of this complicated process. From securing and fending off property, cleaning up debris as well as navigating legal documents related to sale- we make selling after disaster stress-free so homeowners can get fair as-is prices without feeling overwhelmed. Let us help, we buy houses that have fire damaged in Louisville

Sell my house without a realtor Bardstown Kentucky

Selling your house in Bardstown, Kentucky doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and complex process with us. We offer the opportunity to sell your house without a realtor; saving you time and money. Not only do we pay closing costs, we buy houses as-is and without a realtor so there is no need for any renovations or repairs on your part. What’s more, there are never any commissions associated with our service so you will get all of the profits minus what you owe on the property for mortgages and liens from the transaction when it’s complete. Sellers can enjoy a fast closing process when working with us, allowing them to move on quickly and stress free!

Sell my water damaged house Bardstown Kentucky

Selling a water-damaged house can be tricky, but the team at Louisville Cash Real Estate has you covered if your home is in Bardstown Kentucky – problem solved! If it’s not completly flooded switch off the water right away and get an experienced plumber to repair any leaks. To make sure you get compensated from the insurance coverage, file a claim promptly and keep all photos/invoices of costs associated with repairs handy. We can then help you get the best price when selling your water-damaged house. Reach out to us in Bardstown Kentucky, we buy houses that are flooded or water damaged.

Sell my house with tenants Bardstown Kentucky

Looking to list your house but concerned about the tenants? Louisville Cash Real Estate provides peace of mind for Bardstown property owners. Our team is experienced and ready to take care of everything from locating a new home for current renters, if needed, all the way through closing on your sale! Release yourself from worries–contact us today so we can make it easier than ever to Sell My House With Tenants in Bardstown Kentucky! We buy houses with tenants in Bardstown Kentucky!

Sell my house with squatters Bardstown Kentucky

Selling a home with squatters can be an unpleasant and difficult experience, but here at Louisville Cash Real Estate in Bardstown Kentucky we are committed to finding the most hassle-free solution. We offer our clients the choice of selling with or without needing to evict any squatter occupants; while opting for eviction may lead to more money from sale proceeds, this route requires preparing paperwork and dealing with associated costs – which is where we come in! No matter your situation, let us help you find out what options you have when it comes time sell your house quickly. We buy houses with squatters in Bardstown Kentucky!

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We Buy Houses Going Through Divorce In Bardstown Kentucky

If you’re looking to sell your house in Bardstown Kentucky while going through a divorce, look no further! Louisville Cash Real Estate specializes in buying houses as-is and quickly, which could not be more relevant during this difficult time. Divorce is complicated across the US, with very specific laws on how property should be divided depending on the state. The process of selling your property through a divorce in Kentucky requires meeting certain timelines and taking detailed steps that can appear overwhelming. Working with an experienced cash buyer like Louisville Cash Real Estate, we buy houses going through divorce all the time and we know it can be an invaluable decision for homeowners navigating the divorce process; our title company attorneys know local Kentucky laws and can help get you a fair market price in a timely manner without any hassles or delays.

Sell my house and move out after closing Bardstown Kentucky – Sell my house while moving Bardstown Kentucky.

If you are a homeowner in Bardstown, Kentucky who is thinking of selling your house fast and don’t know where you want to move next, look no further than Louisville Cash Real Estate! We buy houses throughout Bardstown and will help you find the perfect new home, free of charge. And that’s not all – we can lend a hand in negotiations when trying to purchase the house of your dreams. On top of that, we work with moving companies and can help make sure your transition is as seamless as possible. So sell my house fast in Bardstown Kentucky without worrying about where and how you will move – Louisville Cash Real Estate has got you covered, we buy houses and help homeowners find new homes to live in all the time !

We Buy Houses with code violations Bardstown Kentucky

Homeowners in Bardstown Kentucky will be glad to know that at Louisville Cash Real Estate we buy houses that have code violations and we are ready to buy your house even if it has city liens (code violations). We will purchase the house above the amount of the liens, so you don’t have to worry about any money coming out of your pocket. It usually takes 10-14 business days for the cities to send in code violation lien payoffs but sometimes this process can move faster. With us, you don’t have to worry — we’ll make it quick and convenient for you to sell your property with code violations while our team of attorneys works with are working to get your payoffs back as soon as possible !

We Buy Houses with back taxes Bardstown Kentucky

Selling your house fast in Bardstown Kentucky with back taxes can be complicated and stressful. But Louisville Cash Real Estate is here to make it easier. We understand the complexities of selling with back taxes, and we’ll help you every step of the way. We are committed to providing honest, reliable advice and services when it comes to helping you sell your house fast in Bardstown. Our team has years of experience in real estate transactions that involve back taxes, so we know what it

Plus, if they’ve been sold off to someone else already, don’t worry – our team will sort out any penalties or fees that come along with payoff for them so you have one fewer thing on your plate during this time-sensitive period. Let us take care of all the details so you can move forward without added stress!

Sell my house with liens Bardstown Kentucky

If you’re a homeowner in Bardstown, Kentucky, and want to sell your house with liens on it, but don’t know how or where to start Louisville Cash Real Estate can help. Our company has decades of experience dealing with homeowners who want to sell their homes with liens from hospitals, mortgage companies, credit cards, or the government. That amount of the liens are taken off the total price we agree to buy your house for. In some cases, we can even negotiate to reduce the lien amount so that you walk away with more money in your pocket! This process usually takes 10-14 business days, however, there are cases where things move faster than that. We are committed to making sure that each client walks away with a great deal and a satisfactory resolution.

Sell my house with a mortgage Bardstown Kentucky

Selling your home in Bardstown Kentucky with an existing mortgage may seem daunting, but it can be done and is quite common. To have a successful sale of your house while paying off the loan balance there are several steps you must take such as finding out what that remaining amount is, understanding when the right time to sell would be, finding a new house to move in to, preparing movers to help you move to your new house. After successfully completing all these tasks you’ll use those proceeds from sales not only to pay off any mortgages or liens associated with this property – but also to keep everything else left over afterward too!

We Buy Houses That Are In Bankruptcy Bardstown Kentucky

In Bardstown Kentucky, it is possible for a homeowner to sell their house even if they are going through bankruptcy. We understand that the state of Kentucky’s bankruptcy laws can be confusing, but it’s important to understand the types of bankruptcies that allow you to sell your home in order to make an informed decision on how best to proceed. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies both allow you to sell your home, although there may be stipulations and paperwork associated with the sale. Chapter 11 bankruptcies also allow for the sale of real estate as long as the court approves your motion during a hearing. However, investors and potential buyers may not want to buy a property that is involved in Chapter 11 proceedings due to its uncertain legal nature and length. We hope this helps explain how you can sell your house while going through bankruptcy in Bardstown Kentucky so you can make a confident decision when buying or selling houses in the area. Sell your house to Louisville Cash Real Estate a local real estate company that has experience in buying houses through bankruptcy situations.

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