An Easy Guide to Move into your New Home


Moving into a new house is a hard and difficult decision to take, according to a study; people find that moving into a new home is more painful and stressful than divorce, break-up and even a job loss. We are here today to give you the best tips to you during your moving into your new home is easy and not painful at all. We will help you before you move, during, and even after your move.

1. Explore The Area Before You Move into Your New House

Before moving 8 weeks in advance

  • Create “Moving” folder on any cloud (We love Google Drive) to store everything related to your moving, Any information and share it with the family and let everyone has the accesses to this folder, this will help you and help them before you move into a new home
  • Find a good moving company and make a realistic budget for the moving
  • Read the contract well of the moving company before you sign and know what it includes, we don’t want a new home experience to be bad. Make sure of reading the contract from moving company well.
  • Make sure that your moving company is insured and licensed
  • Take time off from work for the day you will move. Pro tip: Let the moving day is on Friday and take the weekend as rest or to complete unpacking
  • Research for Schools, the quality of education there, how far from your new home
  • Visit the new community of your new home, talk with people ask them about the neighborhood and what they like and what they dislike there
  • Check the state guide of your new home’s state.
  • Find a buyer for a new home (it may take more than 8 weeks) we do it in 14 days! Check This and How it is done! 

2. Packing Your Stuff Before You Move into Your New Home

Before moving 3 weeks in advance

  • Buy the moving boxes
  • Buy colored taps for every room, it makes the packing and unpacking much easier
  • Take photos of your electronic setups; this will help you when you move into your new house.
  • Pack the infrequently used items first
  • Do not leave empty spaces in boxes; you can use small items, like towels and packing paper to fill the gaps do not overload boxes.
  • Try to pack a room by room.
  • Let the essentials boxes near and easy to find in the truck
  • Don’t forget the water because it is a long trip!
  • Purchase moving insurance because things can be broken easily, this will help you
  • All legal documents would be better if they are in the same box
  • Return anything you loaned before you move into your new home (Books, Video Games, etc..)

3. Take Care of the Basics

Before moving by at least 2 weeks in advance

  • Change your address into the new one, you will not be happy if a random person opens your personal mail so make sure that you do this with the post office this also tells your bank, any loan provider, and subscription services.
  • Tell your friends and family your new address
  • Cancel your utilities and arrange them for the new home, It would be very hard if you stayed in your new home without WIFI.
  • Mark the boxes that may be broken easily during the movement you don’t want heavy books over your plates!
  • Measure the doors and stairways and compare them with your furniture if they can fit or not

4.Organize Your Stuff at Your House

We all have stuff in our home that we don’t want or don’t know that they even exist, so it would be great to organize everything, you won’t be happy if you have to take your broken chair with you in the moving day. We advise to declutter your belongings, it is important to do it every 6 months but it is a must-do when you move into your new home

  • Donate or Sell what you do not want anymore, someone else will make use of this and both of you will be happy.
  • Take your large furniture into smaller pieces and try to take a video of how it is done
  • Reassemble the large furniture again by yourself to put it in your new house use the help of the video or instruction manual

5. Have a Checkup of New Home

Getting inspection is a must do thing before you move into your new home, you have to go to check the house if it needs any repairs, you wouldn’t be happy If you found the electricity went off suddenly or there is problem with water, that’s why inspections is very important to do, we advise you to go with someone who is professional in repairs to tell you what it needs, and ask the homeowner to take care of these things, or get rid of this headache and buy a full repaired house, we can help you at Louisville Cash Real Estate, Call Us

6. Welcome to Your New Home

What the first thing you should do?

  • Unpack the essentials boxes we talked about, it is okay to not to unpack all the boxes on the first day especially if the distance between your old home and new home is big
  • Firstly, the Kitchen, Secondly the Bedroom and after that start with other essentials and finally try to unpack room by room to make it easier for you
  • 100% there will be a huge miss from the unpacking so you have to clean your house after that and start your fresh clean day in your new home.
  • Take a rest and calm down.

7. One Week After You Move into Your New Home

It is so hard and exhausting to do all of the stuff in one day and check everything especially if the neighborhood is new for you it would be more difficult for you to adapt and check everything but still there are must-do things you have to do

  • Write a review explaining your experience with the moving company help other people moving
  • Exploring the neighborhood and talk with the neighbors is a great thing to start with, you can know well about the area from them. Which schools are the best? Where I can get groceries and a lot of this stuff and in most cases, they are happy to help you.
  • Change the locks, no matter how safe is your neighborhood but it is not a utopia and people still can do harm for you, don’t make it easy for them and change the lock, you have no idea how many people have the old key.
  • Make copies of the key
  • Check the small details that you might forget like the trash pickup days and smoke alarms
  • Update your paperwork, Driver’s License, domicile documents maybe if you are moving to a new home in the new state they will need this for tax purposes, Check their website
  • Find a new doctor and new dentist if you are moving out of the town
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